Indiana football prepares for the season opener of a new era

We are less than a week away before the college football season gets underway. Ball State hosts Indiana to Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, September 3rd for an evening (7 pm) of football.

The Hoosiers are excited for a new season on the horizon.

Win the Day!

New coach. New mentality. New era. Win the Day!

That’s what first year head coach Kevin Wilson has been stressing. If you don’t win today, all hope is lost for tomorrow.

Indiana is coming off a 5-7 record in 2010 but Wilson wants to hear nothing about it. He admittedly hasn’t watch one play from last year’s team. He’s focused on what he can control, and not looking back on the past.

Things will be a lot different, and not just because of a new coaching staff. Quarterback Ben Chappell graduated and wide receiver Tandon Doss left a year early for the NFL Draft, taken by the Baltimore Ravens. Those are two critical positions that had the ball in their hands a lot.

The quarterback position is still up for grabs between redshirt-sophomores Edward Wright-Baker, Dusty Kiel and true freshman Tre Roberson.

Coach Wilson hasn't named a starting QB yet, but Wright-Baker seems to be in front.

Coach Wilson hasn’t named a starting QB yet, but Wright-Baker by all accounts, seems to be the leader. However, with more experience and time in the system, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roberson eventually took over. (Note: I am very anxious to see how Wilson chooses to call the plays in. I always enjoyed watching the three backup quarterbacks stand on the sideline giving signals, and never knowing who was the right guy).

Coach Wilson unintentionally riled up the Indiana fan base two weeks ago by defending himself and his team when he was asked to be a guest on the Zakk & Jack on Fox Sports Radio. The two made a mockery of the program from the very beginning. Then they dropped Wilson a few minutes into the interview and continued to trash the program for another five minutes.

Wilson didn’t think much of it but the fans loved it, his staff loved it, and the players absolutely loved it. You want your coach to be vocal and back you up.

Indiana made a commitment to the football program a few years ago with the construction of the North End Zone. Bloomington is now home to the largest weight room in the country, along with a first class banquet area, meeting rooms, and an academic center.

There’s no reason IU cannot be competitive on the gridiron. There’s no question they are a basketball school but a quality football team would be beneficial to every one of the 24 teams at Indiana.

Fred Glass and his staff continue to do an excellent job, noting at Big Ten media day that ticket sales were way ahead of last years. If the trend continues, IU will beat their 1992 record for average attendance.

The football team is headed in the right direction thanks to Glass and now Coach Wilson. Things are beginning to change at Memorial Stadium–for the better.

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  1. Jason S
    August 2, 2012 | 5:52 pm

    How many teams are gonna copy Oregon’s “Win The Day”? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


  2. […] Even a many simple investigate showed that Ole Miss copied Oregon’s “Win The Day” sign as well as placed it in their locker room. Even Pac-12 North rival Washington State is regulating “Win The Day” to publicize for their diversion opposite Oregon in Seattle, and…you guessed it…Indiana University is regulating “Win The Day” as a aphorism as well. […]

  3. Oregon Pit Crew
    September 15, 2014 | 5:17 pm

    […] News from Ole Miss yesterday showed that Ole Miss copied Oregon’s “Win The Day” motto and placed it in their locker room. Washington State is using “Win The Day” to advertise for their game against Oregon in Seattle, and Indiana University is using “Win The Day” as a slogan as well. […]

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